Frequently asked questions

How does Flights Market work?

Flights Market is a bidding platform where travelers can post their travel requirements and agencies from all over the world will submit their lowest bid. You may then choose the best deal from the bids submitted, in return guaranteeing that you get the lowest airfare without having to do the manual research on your own.

What sort of tickets can I buy on Flights Market?

Most agents who compete to sell you discounted tickets will usually offer unpublished airfares. Other agents might use air-miles and points to bring down the prices of tickets offered.

What are unpublished fares?

Unpublished fares are the prices that travel agents pay for tickets, as opposed to the higher price that the airline publishes to the general public. Unpublished prices are generally much lower. The aim of using Flights Market is to consolidate the consumers' buying power and allow them to purchase tickets at prices much closer to the unpublished airline prices.

I received a Paypal invoice, but I don't have a Paypal account. How can I pay and secure my travel plans?

No problem. We offer PayPal as a secure method of payment. Even without an account, PayPal will allow you to pay your invoice using a major credit card without signing up for an account. Simply follow the link in the e-mail and at the bottom of the page click on 'Don't have a PayPal account.' From there, you can fill out your credit card information. The site is secure and easy to use.

Travelling with your pet

Great. When you place your initial ticket request, click on 'Personalize this request' and let us know all the relevant information for booking your flight, including your furry friend’s details.

Is my booking secure?

Yes, and we do our best to protect you and your payments. Flights Market requires travel agents to email the booking reservation and the ticket numbers to the client before payment. , so that you know what you are paying for. All payments are made through Paypal, which has an extremely secure system to protect online credit card transactions.

How do I select my seats?

You can select your seats directly on the airline website by using your name and reservation number. Simply use your reservation information to access your details and follow the airline’s instructions for seat selection from there.

I've placed my ticket request, when will I get an answer?

It usually takes between 6 and 24 hours to get responses from travel agents. The time depends on many factors, such as season, demand, and the availability of unpublished airline fares. Nonetheless, we aim to have all requests answered within 24 hours.

How can prices on Flights Market be so much lower than other websites?

We make use of unpublished airline fares to bring down prices compared to traditional online resellers or airline websites. That is why our ticket prices are usually lower than what you will find on other sites. These fares are dynamic and are constantly changing. If for any reason the unpublished fare becomes unavailable in between the time it is offered to you and the time you confirm and purchase the ticket, we will notify you immediately.

Do you have a phone number I can call you on?

No. Due to a high volume of orders, we do not provide telephone support. However, you can always chat with us by clicking on 'Chat now' in the lower right corner of the screen to discuss any issues you may be experiencing, including the need to change an order or add more information. You can also email us with any queries.

I already placed my order and received an offer, but now I need to change some of the flight details.

No problem. Let us know by clicking on 'Chat now' in the lower right corner of the screen, and the travel agents will send you updated offers as soon as possible.

I already received ticket details, but now I want to change my flight.

Once a ticket has been delivered, it can't be changed or refunded, and has to be paid for regardless of external circumstances. If a customer refuses to pay, we reserve the right to cancel their account.

What happens if I don't accept any of the tickets I've been offered?

After three days, your bidding will automatically expire. You can always post a new ticket request. Please do not resend your request - we will reply. Sending a repeat request will move you down the queue and delay our reply.

Do you need resellers?

Yes. You can buy tickets for a number of people through your account. Many people do this, which is fine but requires our approval first. Send us an email to let us know you are interested in re-selling tickets.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Good question! This feature will be available soon. We plan to have features including the ability to track the number of visitors coming from your site and automatically calculate commissions.