About Us

We Help People Locate the Best Travel Deal

Flights Market is travel bidding platform for travelers to post their flight ticket requests and hotel reservation requests, and for multiple travel agents to bid travelers’ requests and find the best and cheapest airline tickets.

This site was initiated to take advantage of the price gap between online booking and traditional travel agents. Here, we provide total business solutions to travelers, travel agents and travel experts in the global marketplace.

This site makes it easy for people who are preparing for travel to quickly find the flight tickets they need while saving money and making smart travel decisions. We are building a web application to make communication simple for travelers and travel agents across the globe.

Why We Exist?

Destination planning is no easy feat. Although there are travel sites out there that have made it a bit easier to locate flight deals, we seek to optimize that experience with greater access to deeper discounts and the expertise and assistance of booking agents. For a consumer to thoroughly do their own research to book cheap flight tickets it requires hours of surfing the web and placing phone calls with multiple travel agents. Travelers no longer have to stock various websites for days on end to ensure they are getting the best deal. This site puts that reassurance at your fingertips in a few easy steps.

You are still not sure if you get a deal. It doesn’t have to be like that. At Flights Market, we’ve gotten really good at gathering real human travel agents who compete against each other and get a comprehensive set of quotes to compare, and make a decision, so travelers can select their best travel.